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AAA Automotive Pty Ltd are based in easily accessible Mont Albert, Melbourne, on tram route 109, stop 54.
With over 35 years experience, you can trust us with all your general mechanical service needs, and all mechanical repairs.
We are an owner operated business, so customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

If you reside in Greythorn and are in need of getting car servicing, log book servicing, services of an expert mechanic or want to get a roadworthy certificate issued for your car then AAA Automotive PTY Ltd is the one you need to contact!


Finding the Right Car Servicing and Car Services Provider in Greythorn

Mechanic Greythorn

Finding the right mechanic or car service provider can be quite a tedious task. If you are like others, you may:

  • Do an online research,
  • Follow comment threads,
  • Place your trust in experiences of others,
  • Get recommendations from friends and family,
  • Do a lot of footwork to visit the facilities of car service providers,
  • Question the management about their techniques, etc.

Or you can simply contact AAA Automotive PTY Ltd and skip all the above-mentioned hassle completely! With a reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy provider of car servicing, log book servicing, licensed issuer of roadworthy certificate and a professional car mechanic serving clients in Greythorn and other Melbourne suburbs, you can be sure of receiving only the best from us.


Roadworthy Certificate by AAA Automotive PTY Ltd for its Greythorn Clients

AAA Automotive PTY Ltd is a licensed and authentic provider of roadworthy certificates and we can conduct a complete examination of your car in Greythorn and declare it roadworthy by issuing a certificate which says it like it is.

Roadworthy Certificate Greythorn

We check the ins and outs of your cars before we decide upon its roadworthiness. If we issue a roadworthy certificate for your car that belongs to Greythorn or any other Melbourne suburb, generally, you can be sure that the following in your car are in top working condition:

  • The brakes of your car – clearly one of the most important elements that can determine whether your car is safe for driving or not;
  • The steering system of your car – so you know you can safely navigate your vehicle
  • The body of your car – so you know you are safe and protected inside your car
  • The engine – because it is the main component that keeps your car running
  • The wheels of your car – because they have a major role to play in giving you a solid grip of the road
  • The lighting system of your car – so you are not exposed to getting stranded, especially during the night.


Car Servicing and Log Book Servicing – a Treat for your Cars in Greythorn

Log Book Servicing Greythorn

Regular car service is a must whether you drive your car in Greythorn or any other Melbourne suburb. It helps you make timely repairs, before they become too expensive to afford. It also allows your car to perform better, give good mileage and become fuel-efficient. Regular car servicing helps our Greythorn clients to enjoy a long life of their cars. All of this ultimately results in great cost savings for our clients in Greythorn.

Our top quality car servicing, log book servicing coupled with our expertise as a mechanic and our ability to determine the roadworthiness of your cars and issue an authentic roadworthy certificate for it, makes us one of the leading car service providers, serving clients in Greythorn and other Melbourne suburbs. So make sure you take your car to the best – book an appointment for it with AAA Automotive PTY Ltd!

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